Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The countdown is on!

74 days.  10.5 weeks.  The wedding is quickly approaching!  My wedding to-do list is definitely shortening, and now the bulk of the items left on it must be completed when I am home in June or immediately before the wedding.

The invitations will be mailed out on Saturday from Bridal Veil, Oregon!  Look for them coming soon to a mailbox near you.  :) 

Tonight I worked on a framed wedding agenda and menu board.  The agenda describes the order and timeline of events for the evening.  The menu board spells out the food and dessert choices. 

The frames measure about 2.5' tall.  Here they are pictured leaning against my cupboards.

I bought the frames for these projects at Goodwill and painted them each silver.  I used the large format printers at Kinkos to print the agenda and menu I had created.  If you have never used large format printing, you should try it.  It is very cheap (printing each of these cost less than $4).  They warn you before printing the quality may not be very good, but the quality of print is just fine in my opinion.  I then adhered the prints to foam board from the dollar store using scotch tape.   I probably spent around $15 for the entire project.

While printing the menu and agenda at FedEx Kinkos this past weekend, I also printed out a large black and white congratulations poster and engagement picture, each measuring 3 feet by 4 feet.  These will be used to cover up some wooden white board cupboards in our reception venue.  The engagement picture turned out so nice that I may blow up some more engagement or wedding photos to decorate our home after the wedding! 

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