Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All Dressed Up!

I have all kinds of dresses on my mind!  I recently purchased a dress for my friend Stephanie's wedding this fall.  She is giving the bridesmaids free reign, and we can pick whatever cream or beige dress we would like.  She is having a vintage wedding, and she wanted each bridesmaid to find a feminine and flowy dress.  I am very excited about the dress I found, and I am even more excited for their wedding this November.

My cream-colored lace bridesmaid dress.  I will be swapping out the ribbon for the wedding!
I realized I don't think I have yet shared the dress I will be wearing for the rehearsal dinner.  I wanted to wear white for the rehearsal, and I found this dress at JC Penney for $40.  The only problem was the smallest size the dress came in was still way too big for me, so I had to get it altered down to my size.  The alterations did significantly add to the cost (they were more expensive than the dress!), but they were definitely worth it.  The dress now fits like a glove.

My rehearsal dinner dress.  If you look closely you will see the 3 tiers on the skirt and the pearl-beaded neckline!

Speaking of the rehearsal dinner, Lee volunteered me to his family to make invitations for the rehearsal dinner.  I made five different options and I am going to have Lee's mom pick which one she likes best.  I am very curious to see which one she will choose.  I am including all five so you can see them all! 


  1. I absolutely LOVE the dresses! And I think my favorite invite is the 3rd one :)

  2. agreed- the dresses are fantastic! My favorite invite is the first :)

  3. I love both dresses...JCpenney has such great and affordable dresses...great pick!