Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Here's one of the parts I'm most excited for: picking out the wedding dress. I've already talked to my mom about dress shopping over Christmas. I don't know if I will buy a dress at that point, but I'm very excited to try them on and see which styles look best on me.

Here are some images of dresses I like various aspects of. (Not necessarily in order of ones I like best to the ones I like the least). I'll describe why I like each of these dresses as I go along.

Dress #1: I really want a dress that has "visual interest." I usually don't like all-over beading, but I think this dress has a really unique design. I also like dresses that are ivory, not snow white.

Dress #2: I like the clean-cut lines of this dress. Also, I like lace on dresses, because it adds that visual interest that I'm looking for. I like the low back of the dress. I'm definitely not opposed to a dress with straps!

Dress #3: I love ruffles! This is a common theme you may seen in some of the other dresses.

Dress #4: This is really whimsical. I usually gravitate toward the fit-and-flare/trumpet style gowns, but I could see myself this dress in spite of its shape. Again, I adore ruffles.

Dress #5: I like the shape of the bodice of this dress. This dress is pretty simple, but it has a bit of ruching and some beading. I seem to like when the fabric is pulled together with some beading on the hip of the dress.

Dress #6: I don't ever think I would want a brown ribbon around my waist, but I could see myself replacing it with a sparkly belt or an ivory ribbon. I would be willing to try on halter style dresses, and this is my favorite halter dress I've seen. I like the all-over lace and the shape of this dress. I also like that the dress would show off my curves.

Dress #7: This is very elegant and formal. I don't like symmetrical pick-ups on a dress, but I do like the asymmetrical pick-ups of this dress. This dress has lots of visual interest with the beading and ruching.

Dress #8: I like this dress because of its shape. It's not completely a column-style dress, but it's not completely a trumpet-style either. I mostly like the ruffles on the side of the dress!

Dress #9: I love how this dress looks like it has a braided bodice. I think the woven bodice look is so interesting.

Dress #10: I want to try on a dress that has this shape. I think it looks very sophisticated. This probably wouldn't be my first choice, but I'm curious to see how the dress would fit.

Dress #11: I like the slight all-over ruching of this dress. I also like beaded belts around the waist. I like to accentuate my waist!

Dress #12: I love the ruffles down the back of this dress!

Dress #13: This is one of my favorite dresses. I love the ruching on this dress. Also, it has a sweetheart neckline and some well-placed beading. Beautiful!

Dress #14: Another one of my favorites. Again, I'm a huge fan of the ruching. I love the flower details on the hip. I also like how the dress opens on the side to reveal a lace panel.

So in review, here are things I would look for in a dress:

  1. Ivory or off-white in color
  2. Details which add visual interest (especially ruffles and ruching, and also including lace, beading, flower decals, sashes, woven fabric, etc.)
  3. If strapless, a sweetheart neckline. But not opposed to straps!
  4. Fit-and-flare or trumpet shape

Which dress is your favorite? Feel free to post links to dresses you might like!

Let the Wedding Planning Commence!

He proposed!

I feel like the luckiest and happiest girl in the world right now. This blog is to document my wedding planning. I want all of my closest friends to feel involved, even though we may currently be living far apart! From time to time, I may even ask for your input on my wedding ideas.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me. :)