Saturday, April 30, 2011

Men's Warehouse

Lee and I went to Men's Warehouse this morning to pick out tuxedos.  We know we have LOTS of time still, but I had gotten a call for a special deal for the month of April.  Each guy will get $40 off of his rental, and Lee will get a free suit.

I had never looked at tuxedos before, so this was all a new experience for me!  We ended up picking vests and ties that would match the malibu dresses.  Lee will have a white vest and tie.  We also decided to go with black shirts for Lee and his groomsmen.  Our dads will wear white shirts and black vests and ties instead of the malibu color. 

I did not realize how many choices there were to make for a tux rental--one, two or three button jackets?  (We went with two.)  Flat-front or pleated pants?  (Flat!)  Color of the cufflinks?  (Black.)  Style and type of shoe?  (The usual black round-toe ones.)  I let Lee pick based on his experience.  :)