Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You are invited!

I had the invitations printed this week, and I am very happy with the final product.  The invitations were printed on a heavy white shimmer cardstock.  I think they look very timeless and classy.  I am just glad all parties involved could finally agree on a design!

Invitation Suite

Up close...

...and personal!

I was slightly nervous about the envelope selection.  I ended up going with the turquoise blue envelope so it would stand out when mailed.  However, the color of the invitation ink ended up looking slightly lighter when printed.  I wasn't sure if they matched closely enough, but the colors clearly look compatible when photographed.  Most people throw the envelope away anyway, right?  Do you think they look like they match?  This was the inspiration for the turquoise envelopes, by the way:

I <3 turquoise!

The next project is to design the wraparound address labels.  Here is my inspiration:


Still deciding on how I should style the labels!  Any favorites?  I would prefer to print the labels in black and white only to save money.  As I found with my invitations, color printing is SUPER expensive!

My invitations would be so much better with these laser-cut belly bands.  Alas, they are much too expensive to even fathom purchasing:

Next project will be working on the wedding programs!


  1. Those are beautiful! I love them! So classy and colorful! The colored envelope adds a very cool modern flare and would certainly catch my eye! I think they match close enough. A similar thing happened to me, because they recalibrated the printers inbetween day one and two of printing. Nobody told me they noticed.


  2. So exciting!! I love them and I think the envelopes and the invites match just fine! You know that nobody is going to look as closely at those kinds of things as we do :) See you tonight for BrideDay!

  3. They look wonderful!!! :-) You picked a great color!!