Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So Here's What I'm Thinking...

Engagement pictures...  I have a feeling my trip back home to North Dakota is going to come quickly, so I have been earnestly searching for something to wear for our e-pics.  My mother and sister (both separately!) suggested for my more "formal" pictures I wear a classy, sleeveless dress.  I like this idea, since I want to wear something that won't look dated in 10 or 20 years.

I have looked high and low in the two malls and Salem, and my searching has proved to be futile (so far).  I can't say I am too surprised.  First, Salem's malls are very small.  They do have nice stores like JCPenneys, Macy's, and Nordstroms, but the dress sections of these stores are literally the size of my apartment living room.  And I have a very small living room.  Secondly, I can never find my size in any of the dresses I would be interested in.  I wear some of the smallest sizes in women's dresses, and they either don't stock these sizes or those sizes are the first to go.  Finally, I have very specific requirements.  The dress must have straps so I can wear a bra underneath and the dress cannot be too short (that eliminates shopping in the junior's department!). 

Once I find a dress, I am going to choose a more casual outfit to wear.  I'm thinking jeans and a cute shirt or cardigan.  I guess what I end up choosing for this outfit will depend on my dress selection.  I want the dress and the casual outfit to be two different colors.!!!  What do you think of the dress/casual outfit idea?  What could you see me wearing?  And any good ideas on where to shop?!

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