Sunday, July 24, 2011

Engagement Photos

Just over a month until Lee and I travel back to North Dakota to take our engagement photos.  Our photographer is Shawna Noel Widdel of Shawna Noel Photography.  I am excited for our "e-session" with her! 

I have been collecting creative ideas for engagement photos.  Of course Lee and I will want some of the traditional posed photos, but I want us to have fun with the session too.  For example, I would love to incorporate ice cream into one of our photos.  Lee said he would like to incorporate dentistry.  I think we will just have to incorporate dentistry by showing our pearly whites when we smile.  :)

Here are some fun ideas I have found:

Back to back: simple and sweet

 Balloons could be fun, and inexpensive.

 I also like the idea of incorporating a small bouquet.  

The two pictures above were taken on a bridge in our hometown.  I definitely want to try to recreate these. 
 Bubbles!  Cute!  And again, inexpensive.

 Sexy...  ;)

 Since we met dancing, a dance pose could be fun.  And maybe not just the cliche dip like you see in many other photos. 

A perfect example of a close-up formal shot.  And of course it's perfect: they are royals.

Cute hands

 Love the light in this one!  And i love how she is hugging him from behind.

 Ice cream!  It must be done.  :)

 Random, but cool: getting touchy-feely in the library.

 I like shots in the middle of the road

 One thing Lee and I both really dislike: the pictures where the girl/guy is standing in front, and the significant other is standing in the background, blurred out.  I think this is a nice alternative.  The focus is on the girl, but the guy is still part of the picture too.

 Cute props make photo sessions fun.  Maybe they should be "pears"?  :)

I like the perspective on this one with the columns. 

 A fun save the date idea with a chalkboard.

 Another save the date with a post-it note.

 Too fun.  The ring makes a perfect "o."

 A unique optical illusion!

Here is another location in our hometown I think would be fun to use.  This is underneath one of the bridges.  I like the perspective the rectangles offer.

Any favorites?

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