Sunday, August 7, 2011

E-Pic Dress!

After a long day of shopping with Lee, I think I have found a dress for my engagement photos.  Best parts about the dress are it fits and my mom approves.  :)

I got it at the Ann Taylor Loft outlet in Woodburn.  I was initially hoping for a brighter color than purple, but I think this will look nice with Lee's black shirt.  Plus, the dark colors will contrast with our blonde hair.  I'm still deciding on what shoes I want to wear.  I got these shoes at Payless earlier this summer.  I might go with a simpler black heel. 

In other wedding planning news, Lee and I have chosen our first dance song!  We went with "Blue Eyes" by the Cary Brothers.  This song was featured in the movie Garden State, but I first heard it in my ballroom dancing class at the U of O.  It will be a great song to waltz to. 

Last, but definitely not least, I put together a booklet of my wedding inspiration pictures today.  I will take this back to North Dakota with me to show my parents some of my inspiration ideas.  Then, I will be able to decide what kinds of crafts and projects we want to tackle over the next 11 months!

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