Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fine Dining and Dancing

If you haven't read my previous post concerning where to have the ceremony, please look at the post below and read!

Also adding to the "where" factor: the reception venue. I feel this venue will be easier to determine once the ceremony venue has been decided. Here again are pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Touch of Magic
Pros: Beautiful venue, one of the most sought-after venues in Grand Forks, really tasty food, romantic atmosphere, feels intimate even though the venue can hold a large number of people, wood dance floor, buffet-style service
Cons: None that I can think of!

Ralph Englestad Arena
Pros: Beautiful venue with marble floors, unique
Cons: Large space for people to get spread out in, echoes because of marble floors

Hilton Garden Inn
Pros: A fun place to dance, place where Lee and I first met, intimate setting, decent food
Cons: Holds only ~100 people

Alerus Center Ballroom
Pros: Large enough for all guests, can be decorated really cute
Cons: Feels too large because of cavernous ceilings, have to pay for everything from the tablecloths and napkins to the pieces of the dance floor

North Dakota Museum of Art
Pros: Architecture of this building, can host dinners, built-in dance floor, balcony overlooking the main floor
Cons: May be too small (would have to check), museum's in-house catering service isn't very good, don't know what art would be on display


  1. Touch of Magic is my fave, for sure. I've never been to a reception at the Ralph, but since I'm not a die-hard hockey or sports fan, I personally wouldn't go for the Sioux logo that will be everywhere. I also love the Museum; I think it's worth checking how sure you can be of the art that will be on display. Also, I don't mind the Alerus. I think the Hilton Garden Inn would be too small.

  2. Touch of magic would be my favorite too. I can't think of anything bad about it.

    The Ralph is nice, but echoy and always seems cold. Last time I had a banquet there I couldn't help but feel like, "why am I in the oversized hallway/entrance of a sports place?" But I guess guys might like to look at the sports decor?

    The Alerus center and Hilton Garden Inn are very nice, but wouldn't make your reception stand out compared to others. I don't know how the cost compares to the other locations but paying for all the linens sounds like a pain.

    The museum is my second favorite, based on atmosphere. It would be so different and classy. But if you hear they have bad food, that is a major flaw.

  3. Touch of Magic... hands down. You'll have to be real specific with the people (not very friendly from my experience) and you'll have to reserve ASAP. But I think it would definitely be worth it.

    Ralph would be interesting, but they are very pricey.

    Alerus... All I can say is no.

    Hilton is nice, but really small.

    Museum would be fun. Things to think about would include room for dinner and dance floor. Would you want to move tables after dinner to make room for the dance floor? And of course you would have to check on the exhibit. Some of them are pretty strange and/or crazy. Others are depressing. Some are cool. You don't want one on genocide or the Holocaust or anything...