Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Where to get married? That will be a question Lee and I will need to answer soon.

I'll describe each of these pictures, then I'll lay out the pros and cons of each location.

Location 1: UND campus chapel - inside

Location 1: UND campus chapel - outside

Location 2: Hope Evangelical Covenant Church - inside (at Becca's wedding!)

Location 3: UND North Dakota Museum of Art - outside

Location 3: UND North Dakota Museum of Art - inside view from balcony

Location 3: UND North Dakota Museum of Art - inside looking across the entire museum

Location 4: Christ the King Free Lutheran Church - inside

Location 4: Christ the King Free Lutheran Church - inside

Location 5: My farm


Location 1: UND campus chapel

Pros: Really beautiful inside and outside and located at our alma maters
Cons: Only holds ~100 people and no place to get ready inside the chapel

Location 2: Hope Evangelical Covenant Church

Pros: Holds as many guests as necessary, Lee's home church, and lots of decorations available from church for ceremony and reception use
Cons: Located in a mall, "stage" atmosphere, and may feel too big

Location 3: North Dakota Museum of Art

Pros: Beautiful location (inside and out!), located at our alma maters, balcony for great ceremony photos, and a really unique venue
Cons: May not be big enough to hold all guests (would need to research how many chairs could fit) and can't pick the art on display at the time of the wedding

Location 4: Christ the King Free Lutheran Church

Pros: My home church
Cons: Only holds ~100 people and is not necessarily the most beautiful venue

Location 5: My farm

Pros: My home where I grew up
Cons: I don't control the weather. Or the mosquitoes.


  1. 1. This place is beautiful. I would have loved to have my wedding here if I was from Grand Forks! Do they give you anyplace to get ready? Like inside Hughs?

    2. The stage look is kind of a turn off, but Becca's wedding was beautiful so you know the place can get spruced up. It sounds like this is the only venue that would allow you to have alot of people and be reliable.

    3. This is such an awesome idea and very different. How far in advance to they know what exibit will be there? You wouldn't want an exibit on the Holocaust or something crazy...that would be a real downer. Do they do the ceremony and the reception? I see tables in the photo...that could be very convient for guests.

    4. I am all for the sentimentalness of the home church, but this place seems pretty blah. And you would have to battle that red carpet. Are you more attatched to this church than Hope? Would your parents prefer this?

    5. I have seen some pretty cool farm weddings! Do you have a backup place you would use in case of rain? Or do you have a nice barn to do it in. Barns can be super sweet looking with white christmas lights and cloth hanging!

    It sounds like you need to start making a guest list to see how many people you are looking at. Based on my expirience I would talk to both sets of parents ASAP and let them know whether you want a large or small wedding. Pat and I wanted a small wedding, but by the time we talked to Pat's mom she had already verbally invited all of her coworkers, neighbors and other hockey moms.

  2. Good thoughts, Lisa. I don't even really want to think about a guest list yet, but I'm sure that is something I'll have to figure out when I get home.

    As far as the venues, I don't want to get married at my home church. It's on the list because I think my parents may want me to get married there. I'd prefer Lee's church over my church.

    My favorite idea is having the ceremony at UND. I really like the idea of the art museum, and I think it would hold more people than the chapel would. I wonder if Lee would go for it?

    It would be cool to get married at my farm, but I don't know that any of the barns would ever be clean enough for my standard. I don't think I want a "rustic" wedding, although part of me thinks it would be really fun to plan a wedding like that.

  3. I like the museum! They must have to plan at least a year in advance for their exhibits, because they often obtain traveling exhibits or works from other artists that are across the country. That would be a good way to determine whether it would work.

    As for the chapel, I really love that, too but it is small. I always see brides getting ready/waiting at Hughes for those weddings. The cool thing about that space is that there is a large entryway with double doors of frosted glass that they pull open on each side to let the bride's cool!

    On the farm, the only usable barn smells like cats.

    And I like Hope; Becca's wedding was beautiful! I don't think it's a con that it's in the mall...what if you need to run to K-Mart?! ;)

  4. And we DID run to KMart! Haha. Hope has actually gotten a LOT better in terms of stage accessories! They have some beautiful fabric that they use draping from the ceiling on the stage. I really wish they had that when I got married! They also have a lot more in terms of stage floor decorations. So... I would say Hope is my first choice, plus it's Lee's home church.

    The Museum of Art would be fun too, but the small number of people might be a problem. You two are so popular!!!

    I would be hesitant of an outdoor wedding...

    I'm not a huge fan of the new chapel on campus. It is really small and has nothing you can use. You would have to purchase your own decorations or find a church that would borrow you some.

    So... my opinion summary is Hope or Museum of Art.