Sunday, December 5, 2010


Another big decision: Color! You can't really make any decisions on decorations until you have your color picked out. Like every other aspect of the wedding planning process, I have a feeling choosing a color won't be easy. The problem is I like too many colors! Lee prefers the color blue for a wedding. I like blue too, so I might just let him choose the color, as long as I get to pick the shade of blue.

Pictures of my favorite colors for a wedding:

Slate Blue

Eggplant Purple

Neutral-patterned bridesmaid dresses

Champagne or Light Gold

Black (with very bold, colorful flowers and jewelry!)

Jade Green

Gray (again, with very bold, colorful accessories)

Apple Red

What are your favorites? Also, what dress styles do you like to see on bridesmaids? Any of the above?


  1. I literally LOVE all of the color choices except for gray. My top faves are champagne, black, and apple red. The slate blue is pretty, too, but I think it would look to "blah" and washed out if it is in a fabric other than the one pictured.

    Depending on the body type of your bridesmaids, I don't really like always looks completely different on everyone (and usually not in a good way)!

    For another idea, I also like when the dresses are all made of the exact same fabric and color, but are slightly different styles.

  2. I like the eggplant, apple red, and grey the best! Very pretty choices!

    If you use the neutral colors like grey and black you might have an easier time finding decorations and stationary without worrying about matching your colors. But you will also have to work harder to have a consistent style/theme without a distinct color tying everything together. It also may be harder to make the reception hall pop with neutral colors that may be overwhelmed by the colors in the reception hall.

  3. I love your guys' feedback! This really helps me think about what will work/not work. Also, it's helping me solidify what my tastes are.

    If the slate blue were closer to this color, would you like it, Emily?

  4. I like the slate blue (or is it more of a purple/blue?) in the link you posted on Dec. 5. I also really love the champagne and black. I just don't like red in general. I've seen it in way too many weddings and I don't know that anyone ever looks good in red...

    I also liked the dresses in the pictures, particularly the Neutral-patterned bridesmaid dresses, the grey dress (with some big earrings of course :) and the eggplant dress (though I'm still up in the air on the color... I think I would have to see it in person).

    I think if you did a neutral color, like grey or black or champagne, with fun jewelry it would be soooo cool!

    Hurray so many fun things to consider!!! Remember all the color swatch cards I used to pick colors. haha!