Friday, December 2, 2011

Weekend, Here We Come!

Today is a good day.  Lee's and my e-pic photo shoot was featured on my all-time favorite wedding blog, Style Me Pretty. It's pretty cool, because over 90% of submissions are turned away, but somehow my submission managed to sneak its way in there! 

In other exciting news, I mailed our save the dates yesterday, and they should be coming soon to a mailbox near you!  You will receive one of two varieties, so be sure to collect them all while supplies last. 

 A surprise I will share with you now: check out the postmark when you get your save the date!  I traveled a short distance to Bridal Veil, Oregon to send out my save the dates and will be doing the same thing for my wedding invitations. 

Bridal Veil, OR Post Office
The only thing keeping this post office open is the thousands of brides who travel here to get there wedding correspondence hand-cancelled by the postmaster.  While I was there, I was able to choose from 3 postmark stamps.  I chose a plain circular postmark because I want to save the special postmarks for my wedding invitations.  When I send out my wedding invitations, I will get to choose between a heart or dove design.  Which do you like better? 

No machine printing on these beautiful invitations!


  1. Got mine in the mail yesterday!!! LOVE IT!

  2. that is the cutessst post office ever..I've never heard of that place cute! I'm adding you to my 2012 blogging brides page!