Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wedding Cake!

Hello my friendly blog readers.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I had a fun Thanksgiving trip to Boise, Idaho to visit Lee's Aunt Brenda.  Brenda is an occupational therapist and a professional cake maker on the side.  She owns her own business, Brenda's Creative Cakery

While in Boise, Brenda gave us the full cake-tasting and designing experience.  We got to try a number of different flavors of cake and look at her wedding cake albums.  Yes, albumS.  I think we looked at 7 different cake albums, each completely full of photos! 

Of the flavors we tried, Lee and I really liked amaretto and white chocolate.  We did not get to try her buttermilk devil's food, but we heard raving reviews about that flavor.  Brenda told us we could choose more than one flavor, and those three are our top contenders right now. 

We also contemplated wedding cake designs.  After looking at numerous photos, Lee and I decided to model our cake after this classy cake:

The cake will be a round, stacked, and 6-tiers (it needs to be tall for 300 people!).  The cake will be topped with fresh white flowers.  We will have buttercream frosting dusted in a shimmer powder.  Each tier will have a different white-on-white frosting design.  A 3/4" turquoise ribbon will be around the base of each tier to add a little color to the cake. 

Lee will also be getting a grooms cake of his choice.  He hasn't decided on the flavor, but he said he thinks having chocolate ganache frosting would be cool.  His aunt Brenda thinks he should have a big picture of teeth on top of the cake.  :)

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