Thursday, December 22, 2011

Escort Cards

Lee and I decided we wanted to have escort cards to direct everyone to their tables.  At the Dollar Tree (my favorite wedding retailer...haha), Lee and I found 50-packs of escort cards for 25 cents each.  We plan to dress them up a bit, but that will be a later post.

Right now, I want you to contemplate the pictures below and tell me which escort cards display is your favorite.  Recall that we have to display around 300 of them.  They will be alphabetized, of course, because we want people to easily and quickly find their name.

Escort Card Boxes

Escort Cards in Picture Frame Trays

Escort Card Shutters

Simple Ribbon Under the Escort Cards

Escort Card Boards

Framed Escort Card Boards with Ribbon


  1. My post today was about this too! I personally like boxes or the ribbon display. With so many cards you'll want to utilize your space the best way you can :)

  2. The ribbons jump out to me as matching your theme, but maybe that's just because they're close to your color! I think it would be easy and cheaper to do ribbons with so many cards too. I also like the boards or the picture frames, but those ones might be harder with so many