Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY Toss Garter for $1

I have been looking online for toss garter ideas for awhile now.  I wanted something simple and narrower than my actual garter.  I wanted the real garter and the toss garter to match somewhat, and I also wanted to incorporate my "something blue" if possible.

My inspiration for a basic toss garter

Last night, I was cruising through the dollar store to pick up a few things when I spotted the perfect item to use for my toss garter.  It looks like many of the toss garters I have seen online as part of bridal garter sets.  Of course I had to add my own little DIY touch to it by including a turquoise blue hand-stitched label on the inside. 

The front of the toss garter

Hand-stitched turquoise label made from a ribbon scrap and glued to the inside with fabric glue
The complete garter set together.  They match pretty well!

I didn't want you to judge, so I saved this piece of information for last: guess what I used for my toss garter?  A baby headband!  The baby headband even came with two little matching hair clips.  Surprisingly, it fits my leg perfectly.  For the two garters together, I have spent around $5.  I love being a frugal bride.

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