Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Save the Dates!

I have been working on options for save the date postcards, and I need your help!  Below are some of the save the dates I have created.  Here are my questions for you!

1) Which is your favorite front design?  Keep in mind the picture can be changed.  Also, the colors can be modified as well. 

2) Which is your favorite back design?  The back will be printed in black and white.  Again, keep in mind the picture can be changed. 

3) Out of the featured pictures, which is your favorite picture for the save the dates?  If there is a different picture from our engagement photo shoot that you think would also work, let me know!



  1. I love the black/white photo where you are both leaning against the wall! I like the idea of using a more fun and less formal photo for these the more traditional photo for the newspaper announcement or something! :)

  2. My favorite designs are 1, 5, and 6.

    I like the first back better because it says, "for the marriage of". Save the dates are a relativly new concept and older guests sometimes don't understand what it is they are receiving, especially if they haven't been to a wedding in the last few years. If possible I would make the "formal invitation to follow" part bigger. I agree with Emily that this could be a great use of some of your more fun photos!

  3. My vote is the standing b/w photo. I like the 2nd back best because you'll already have a pic on the front and I like way things are set up better. For the front, I like #6 best (with the photo I like best). I like the color pop and the "Save the Date" font that is reflected on the back of the card.