Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DIY Garter for around $5

I never wore a garter for prom.  It seemed like most of the girls did, but for whatever reason, I did not.  My wedding will be the first time I will ever wear a garter!  And here it is!

The garter was a simple white garter I had purchased online for around $3.  It came with the ribbon on it as well as two little silver roses, as seen in the picture.  I decided it needed to be spruced up a little bit, and I bought rhinestone decals and small white flowers at Walmart.  I added two white flowers to the garter, and I placed rhinestones in the centers of all of the flowers.  I still have nearly 100 rhinestones left for other projects, as well as 4 small white flowers.

I am also going to buy or make a toss garter to give away at the wedding reception.  The toss garter will probably be narrower than this garter.  I also might add a bit of blue ribbon to the toss garter so I have something blue on my wedding day!

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  1. Cute and cost effective!!! Love it!