Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fun Wedding Mail

I am beginning to realize there is a huge market for wedding-related items.  Once I got engaged, I started noticing even Walmart and the Dollar Tree have wedding sections.  I now get 5-10 emails a day about honeymoon destinations, bridal party gifts, and invitations.  I've even started to receive wedding snail mail.

This past week, I got an Oriental Trading Company magazine exclusively for weddings.  The magazine was divided by color/theme.  I liked the black and white damask section the best!  I'm not sure I will buy anything from it, but they did have some cheap favor ideas.

Also, I've started to get my free subscription of Brides Magazine from the bridal expo.  Inside, I found a coupon for a free bridal makeup consultation and Clinique lip gloss if I create a Macy's registration.  I'm such a sucker for free things, so this is definitely on my to-do list!

In unrelated wedding news, I found a fabulous new apartment in Salem yesterday for when I begin my new job.  It's a studio apartment, complete with a Murphy bed, walk-in closet, and beautifully landscaped apartment grounds.  The apartment is only 4 years old and amazing.  Plus, I have access to a heated pool, hot tub, sauna, NICE gym, and business center.  The grocery store, Walmart, Dairy Queen, and gas stations are all within a mile away.  It's just what I wanted! 


  1. Hurray for the apartment! Is it a for sure then? Sounds WONDERFUL! I can't wait to see it... in pics and in person! I'll have to make a trip, I guess ;)

    And what is a Murphy bed?

  2. Maybe you will have to make a trip. :)

    A Murphy bed folds down from the wall! So, if I don't feel like making my bed, I can just fold it up so you don't even see it.

  3. Haha, I have never seen a real live murfy bed!

  4. So excited for you to be closer to us very soon!! Also, I have been getting tons of wedding things in the mail idea how, but I kind of love it!