Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Alterations kind of scare me.  Not because I don't want alterations, but because I'm counting on them for that "perfect" fit.  Wedding gowns are so heavy, and I don't want to be pulling it up all night.  I want the top to be REALLY tight and form-fitting to my body.  On "Say Yes to the Dress," they say the wedding gown is the tightest piece of clothing a woman will ever wear!  I just hope when I get alterations done they can make my gown stick to me so I don't have to feel self-conscious about it slipping down! 

My wedding dress is just slightly too long in the front, so I'll require a tiny alteration to either pick-up the hem in another spot (a nice advantage of having a dress with pick-ups in the skirt) or completely hem the gown.  Plus, I'll need a bustle, and the dress will need to be steamed. 

The final alteration I really want to make happen is adding a true sweetheart neckline.  I found a perfect example of one the other day:

I hope these alterations don't end up being too pricy! 


  1. Alterations are scary, but don't worry too much about it. If you want to save some money I know local seamstresses tend to be way cheaper than wedding stores.

  2. I agree. Local is best, plus they tend to work harder to give you what you really want. I love love love that sweetheart neckline!