Sunday, January 2, 2011


Lee and I discussed wedding colors today.  He basically told me I could pick the color, but I want him to have some input too.  Here were the top three we talked about:

This is definitely my favorite color.  This is the only color that has really caught my attention in pictures.  In this picture, I love the color of the dress with the orange, yellow, and fuchsia flowers. 

This color is good because Lee and I both like blue.  Since the color is almost navy, the wedding would have more of a formal look if this color were used.

This color was Lee's favorite choice, but probably my least favorite choice out of the three.  I like this color of blue, but I feel like it looks too much like a beach wedding.  Lee kept saying this color was "fun." 

These colors are all David's Bridal colors.  Since I bought my dress at David's Bridal, the bridesmaids will each receive $20 off the purchase of their dress.  I am considering naming the color and having each bridesmaid pick their own style of dress.  Here are some examples of different style dresses in the same color:
Here is one last photo I found.  Patterned bridesmaid dresses are slowly gaining popularity, and I like this trend.  The yellow flowers pop with these black and white dresses:

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  1. My favorites are the pink and navy. I'm not sure which I like more. I think the pink would look really "fun" (as Lee would say) with orange and yellow accents. The navy, however, would give it a more formal look.

    One thing to think about with various dress styles is the different fabrics that might be represented. It may not matter, but depending on the choices (such as silk, taffeta, and satin) the dresses and hence the colors can look very different. Just a thought.