Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wedding Cake

Lee's aunt is making our wedding cake for us, so I thought I would compile some ideas of cake designs, just in case she asks.  For Neil and Laiel's wedding reception (Lee's brother and sister-in-law), she made an extravagant cake with Native American fondant designs since Laiel is Native American.  I also hear she can make all kinds of flavors.

My favorite flavors are chocolate and white marble cake with almond frosting and white chocolate raspberry cake with vanilla frosting.  I prefer buttercream frosting over fondant.  For cake designs, I tend to gravitate toward more traditional cake designs (none of Ace of Cakes' crazy designs for me!).  I like white cakes with white, black, or other monochromatic designs on them.  Here are some examples I have found:


  1. LOVE #4, 6, and 3 (in that order) :) Hurray!!!! Any more ideas on colors for the occasion?

  2. I really like the white on white, like the first three cakes. But I think you know I like just about any kind of cake! Maybe once you know more about your dress, colors, and flowers, you could incorporate parallel details into the cake? That might be neat.