Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Escort Card Holders

I finished one of the projects that has been lingering for a month or two now.  I made escort card boxes and escort card shutters.  The boxes can each hold 90 cards and the shutters can hold another 60.  If we have 300 guests, there will be another 60 cards or so that will have to be set on the table in rows between the boxes. 

The most tedious part of this project was spray painting the boxes and shutters black.  We got the shutters for $4 from the Re-Store, but they were ivory to begin with.  I found the boxes at Good Will, but they started their life as brown cassette tape holders.  After the painting ordeal was completed, it was only a matter of adhering the different ribbons to the holders! 

One of my last big projects left to do is make up the wedding programs.  However, I can't make them until I have good guest-imate (haha, get it?  instead of guesstimate?!) of the number of people who will be attending.  So far of the nearly 325 people we have invited in the first round of invitations, only 110 people have responded that they are coming and 48 have sent in a "no" rsvp.  I hope the rest of the bunch respond quickly; there is less than two weeks left until the rsvp deadline! 


  1. OOOhhh what a great idea and very inexpensive too!

  2. i LOVE this idea!!! It's going to look amazing!