Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Tale of Two (or Three, or Four) Ties

I think most of the wedding planning lately has led to shopping and spending money.  And according to my multiple shopping lists, there is still quite a bit of spending left to do. 

Lee and I have been searching for the perfect tie for our ushers, and we thought we had finally found "the one." 
Usher's tie, from Macys
Alas, it was not meant to be.  We initially only found three in the store, so we decided to order four of the ties online and have them shipped to Lee's parents' house in North Dakota over Christmas.  The ties arrived, but only two of the ties in the package were the same; the other two ties were similar colors but different designs.  Even though they were all different ties, the brand had decided to give similarly colored ties the same UPC number. 

We promptly went to the Grand Forks Macys, were we only found one more of the ties.  We exchanged one of the wrong ties for the one in the store, and we ordered one more tie, crossing our fingers they would send us the correct one.  They didn't. 

Back to Macys we went, this time going to the Portland store where we first spotted the ties.  They no longer had the ties in the store, but they told us there may be some in the Salem stores.  Today I checked out one of the Macys stores.  I thought I found the correct tie, purchased it, and then took it home to compare to the original.  It was the wrong tie.  Same colors, slightly different design. 

I have one more store to check, but Lee and I may be back to square one in our tie search. 

In better news, I found my bridal jewelry!  Over Christmas, I went shopping with my sister and found a bling-y necklace.  The necklace is similar in shape to the one below, but the stones on my necklace are not random, but symmetrically designed. 
A necklace that's similar, but different
I didn't like the earrings that came with the necklace, so I have been looking for earrings that would complement the style and shape of the necklace.  Today I found them!  Kohls just happened to have earrings that will perfectly match the necklace.  Plus, all of Kohls' jewelry was on sale this week. 
The earrings are about 2" from top to bottom and 1" across
I also purchased a veil to wear for my ceremony!  I wanted a beaded, two-tier, mid-length veil, and I am very happy with the purchase I made.  The veil wasn't something I was too picky about since I will only be wearing it for the ceremony.  I may also put it on for a couple of pictures prior to the ceremony. 

I did not take any pictures when I tried the veil on yesterday, but I do have a picture from the company.  I will not wear the veil as far forward on my head as it shows in the picture, so the veil will fall a few inches below my waistline instead of at the waist.  Please ignore the scary doll modeling the veil.  She's freaky-looking.
This company would sell more veils if they swapped this doll for a real model!
A couple of things I have ordered but haven't received in the mail yet: 300 small organza bags to put M&Ms or Hershey's Kisses in for wedding favors and a dance floor decal from Oriental Trading Company!
Ours will be the same, with different names, of course!

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  1. The ties are crazy! We had similar issues - same thing with the UPCs. Love the jewelry you picked!