Wednesday, August 24, 2011

E-Pic Outfit #2

Engagement photos are next week, and I am excited!  I have struggled figuring out what I am going to wear for my second, more casual outfit.  I took a couple of pictures today, and I wanted to see what you think. 

I went shopping a week ago with Sofie, and I found these great shoes at H&M.  I thought it would be fun to base my outfit around a fun pair of shoes.  :)

Also while shopping, I found a simple white v-neck t-shirt at H&M and a pink/coral scarf at American Eagle.  Ta da, engagement outfit #1, trialled with a pair of skinny jeans rolled to show the shoes off:

Kind of fun.  Now, here's a second option.  I purchased this pink shirt at Walmart for $4 a few weeks back.  With this outfit, I trialled my flare jeans.  They still show the shoe off, but much more subtly:

I know which outfit combo I like better, but tell me what you think!  Flare jeans vs skinny jeans?  Pink shirt vs white shirt?  Keep in mind Lee will be wearing a pair of jeans with a steel-blue colored polo.  Faithful blog me out!

1 comment:

  1. Both are super cute...and check out that butt :) I like #1 the best- the scarf adds an extra element, and you could have it on in some and off in some if you wanted. Can't go wrong with either though. So excited to see the photos!