Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random Inspiration Pics

Sadly, it has been a long time since I have blogged.  In fact, it has been quite awhile since I have even thought about wedding planning.  I have been too busy! 

Here are some inspiration photos I have run across in the past few weeks.

I love black table cloths.  

I'd like to make little plaques for our chairs.  Not only cute for the chairs, but cute picture props as well.

I think a chalkboard is a good way to announce important information.  However, I really like the framed information as well. 

It's difficult for me to picture and plan what the front of the church will feel like.  Both of the pictures have white flower arrangements that I love, but I picked out these pictures as inspiration for different reasons.  I like the feeling of decadence the first picture offers with the different textures and many luscious details.  I like the symmetry and simpleness of the second picture.  Mostly, I am in love with the large white flower arrangements on pedestals!  I don't think either picture captures anything I could do with the venue, but I like the pictures anyway. 

Thinking about the ceremony a bit more, I actually envision hundreds of candles at the front of the church.  :)  Candlelight wedding services (just like Christmas Eve!) are also in vogue right now. 

I'd like to have some decorations in the aisle, whether it's tissue pomeanders, candles, or petals.

Finally, I have a feeling I will fully embrace some of these DIY projects, like this one, once I have graduated in June!


  1. What beautiful touches! I like the candles alot, they are so romantic.

    I had made some signs for Pat and I to take pictures with that said thank you, and then the day of I completely forgot about them. :(

  2. Love black tablecloths and all the candles. Can't wait for all the planning!