Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trip to David's Bridal

I signed up for a David's Bridal appointment when I was at the Eugene Bridal expo to get a free Shutterfly coupon.  I decided to use the appointment to take another look at bridesmaid dresses and maybe a special occasions dress for myself.

I probably wouldn't be looking at dresses for myself at David's Bridal, but my roommate has a credit for over $100 that she has offered to give me.  She says she won't buy anything there, so I might as well use it!  I hope she is able to transfer the credit to me.  :)  Since I bought my dress at David's Bridal, I also get an additional $20 off each dress I buy. 

Here are some of the dresses I tried on:

The black one-shoulder dress ($99) is by far my favorite.  However, I got the most compliments from other shoppers when I came out in the white dress ($159).  By the way, I hate the fluorescent lighting at all the David's Bridal stores.  So unflattering.

I found a necklace that might work with my dress.  My dress has really chunky beading on the belt, so I think whatever jewelry I go with should have similarly-proportioned jewels.  Here's a picture:

While at the store, I decided to browse the bridesmaid dresses.  I came to some very important conclusions while shopping!  Here they are:

1) I like the cotton sateen fabric best.  This fabric feels like a cotton sundress, which would be perfect for a July wedding.  Also, the cotton sateen has very cute styles!

2) I definitely will have my bridesmaids pick their own style of dress.  Everyone will be happy!  :)

3) I love the color MALIBU!  I made a decision, and this IS the color!  I just talked to Lee, and he likes this color too.  Yay!

Here are the current cotton sateen Malibu dresses (plus a lace Malibu dress):

I was so excited about figuring out the color, that I had to try a Malibu dress on while I was in the store.  I did a test run of the top right dress with black accessories.  My camera made the blue color a little different, but you can get the overall idea.  What do you think?  Black accessories on the bridesmaids, or silver?

I also bought a swatch of the color.  Does this mean it's "official"?!


  1. YAAAAAY!!! I love it. The color is classy but still fun! It's also very "you," in a very good way!

    On you, I LOVE the black dress! I actually don't like the white one as much, even though I remember really liking that one on a mannequin in the Fargo store. I decided you also look super cute and peppy in yellow. :)

    Finally, love the necklace you suggested for you and the black accessories for the bridesmaids (but not the black purse). Would everyone accessorize themselves, or would we all still have the same necklace, etc.?

  2. I feel super peppy in yellow, but that dress was WAY too long and would have to be hemmed! It went past my knees.

    As far as the accessories, I haven't decided what to do yet. Not all of the necklines are conducive to the same jewelry (I'm thinking specifically of the y-top dress). If I were to go with black, I'd be more apt to have people pick out their own jewelry. However, it might look nice if all the black accessories were the same. If I go with silver, I think I'd be more likely to gift the accessories to the bridesmaids.

    I love the turquoise and black color combo, but turquoise with bright colors is fun too! I can imagine a hot pink, orange, and yellow bouquet for the bridesmaids, but I can also imagine using white flowers with a black ribbon around the stems.

    Decisions, decisions!

  3. Oh I am so excited to comment on this post.
    #1 I TOTALLY AGREE with the black dress on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a perfect rehearsal dinner dress!!! I can't say it enough. It is so perfect on you. And such a great price too!
    #2 LOVE that malibu color! Especially with black and white. How classy!!! I like the black jewelry, but it really would depend on what the accessories were like. Black shoes are definitely cute (but we should buy them black already and not dye them ;)
    #3 My favorite of the bridesmaids dresses are the first one, the one you tried on, and the middle on the bottom. So you will expect me in one of those most likely :)

  4. What a beautiful color! I am so excited that you found a shade of blue that you like! All the best brides pick a shade of blue, haha ;)

    I also like the black dress on you much better than the white one. Very cute!

  5. I agree with everyone else. I really like the black dress on you. It fits you like a glove and not too many people can pull off that style, but you definitely can!
    I like the necklace you picked out, very sparkly and very you!
    Yes, yes, and yes on the color of the bridesmaid dresses!!! The black accessories are nice too!
    Thanks for keeping us updated!!!